Swimming for the Roof!

I completed my 200 lengths at Daisyfield, Blackburn in 2 hours, 35 minutes, 17 seconds, so I was well within the three-hour time slot. For the final hour I was swimming on my own which was quite lonely. Unfortunately, because the pool only had a skeleton staff and the receptionist was counting my laps, the pool entrance was locked and those who came to support me at the end couldn't get in.

As far as sponsorship was concerned I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the amount of money coming in seemed to be lower than usual, and because I needed to spread it three ways (45% for Marie Curie, the Swimathon charity, 45% for the project in Spain and 10% for the local Braille charity) I had been hoping for at least as much as in previous years. Then the day before the Swimathon I got a letter from a couple I have never met. Inside was a cheque for £500, of which £450 was to go to the Spanish project and £50 to BrailleIT!
Now my target for Marie Curie has been exceeded, I've raised over £100 for BrailleIT, and sent a bank transfer of £791 to Joseba and Joanna Attard in Spain. This is how Joseba replied:

'Thank you SO much! Where did it all come from? 
'It was a wonderful timely gift. Joanna told me she had been praying specifically for some provision, and then I told her about your transfer. Things are going well. The pressure is on to get the roof underway and a project for its renovation submitted to the town hall. I’m waiting for architects to get back to me with quotes. 

'I’ve got to dash out now as I have to go and shear some sheep this afternoon.'

Money is still trickling in which is encouraging. I'd like to thank everyone at Kay Street who supported me

Jean Goodenough