The road to Ulanbator

A church which preaches the Bible is a wonderful thing and I took that for granted growing up. I am blessed with a similar Bible preaching church here in Hampshire as I do my year in industry/masters in Chemistry, but Kay Street remains in my prayers..

I am currently working in industry (a nano technology lab) until July when I graduate with my degree. When I left Uni last summer to move away I was conscious of 3 elements that I'd want to perhaps be using in a future career.

The first was chemistry, the subject I studied and loved and had been told I had a gift for by my tutors. After 4 years of doing this I'd enjoy staying in this field and feel that it was somehow meaningful. I certainly enjoyed presenting more than in the labs though - where I was very clumsy!

Secondly at University I really gained a heart for working with international students and reading the Bible one to one with them. Few greater joys I've felt than seeing a student from a completely different culture come to know why Jesus was sent and had to die for them! How wonderful to have seen the gospel overcome barriers of culture, language, subject and family. And international student ministry gave me a wonderful peace in God in a sense that the work itself was almost entirely unseen by the world and unglamorous in its nature. But how excellent it is to simply make new friends and to preach to my soul the treasures of Isaiah 64:4

"No eye has seen a God besides thee who works for those who wait for Him".

Finally I knew that even if I wasn't using my chemistry nor working with international students I'd certainly wish to be surrounded by fellow lovers of Jesus.

Bringing these 3 themes of my life at university together I was amazed to hear of Mongolia International University (MIU) where Christian faculty/mission workers with a heart for reaching this country (where as recently as 1989 there were an estimated 4 Christians!) taught their subjects and gave their lives to the students/nation that they might come to see Christ.

And having since been accepted to lecture in Chemistry there from August for a year and having Skyped the faculty, what a delight to have heard of so many students' lives transformed by faith. Really this seemed like a huge answer to prayer for me and an open door as it combined all that I wanted to give my life to in following Christ. And to them at  MIU , a masters degree is highly desirable over there and it seems a huge blessing to them too. Their only current chemistry lecturer is an old Korean missionary who recently turned 70. Apparently it was remarkable timing for both of us.

George Platt