Life's first cry

In the remote mountain villages of Afghanistan something wonderful is happening. Something far removed from the horrible things in other parts of the country which we see so often on our TV screens.

The lives of families are being changed as they join a course facilitated by BMS workers.

Harvest 2018 at the All Age Service on October 7 will give us an opportunity to support BMS World Mission’s "Life's First Cry" in Afghanistan – a project designed to provide safe maternity care to villagers.

Why is this woman smiling? Come and find out on October 7th where the DVD "Life's first Cry" will be shown.


Prior to the Harvest, we would like parents to watch the DVD, so that they can decide if it is suitable for their child/children to watch, see below.

There will be an opportunity in the service to take children downstairs for the 7 minutes the DVD is showing if needed.

Please circulate this to any parents of young children who may have missed it.