Watch The Debt Saviours – Friday 5 October at 9pm on BBC2!

A message from John Kirkby, the founder of Christians Against Poverty:

One hour. Prime time telly. Wow!

Well, can you believe it? CAP is featured in a brand new documentary, The Debt Saviours, airing on Friday 5 October at 9pm on BBC2!

The Debt Saviours follows the lives of some very brave CAP clients and frontline workers in the middle of the current UK poverty epidemic. It’s a unique, first-hand insight into the lives that your support is helping to transform. You don’t want to miss it!

For the first half of this year, the filmmakers were our constant shadow, capturing everything we do, speaking to clients, head office staff, frontline workers and church leaders. I’m delighted to say that what they’ve produced is a testament to the love and goodness of God at work through his local Church.

Please will you join in as we pray over this massive opportunity? Pray for a positive reception, pray that it encourages people to seek the help they need, and pray that anyone watching will be inspired by the incredible work being done by the UK Church.

Come on, let’s get praying, let’s get the telly on at 9pm next Friday, and together let’s see lives radically transformed as a result.