Acts 435 – What is it?

Acts 435 is the Archbishop of York’s online giving charity that directly links those wanting to give with those needing their help. It recognises that people want to give, often a little, sometimes more, to people with genuine need. It puts people who can give in touch with people who are in need, with the Church as the physical, face-to-face forum to enable virtual, online giving.

Of particular appeal to donors, 100% of what is donated to Acts 435 goes directly to those in need. People in the UK are struggling financially due to low income, zero hours contracts, redundancies, benefits sanctions, and ill health. The church has an opportunity, to step up and show God’s love in action to those struggling in the local community. In the last 6 months, Acts 435 has raised £182,220 with 100% of requests met in full and over 1800 people helped.

What does this mean for Kay Street?

  • The Deacons have unanimously endorsed Kay Street becoming a participating church
  • Jane Morris, Jess Goldie, Heather Skilling and Matt Hirst have agreed to be advocates
  • Through the CAP Debt Centre, children and families work and pastoral needs the advocates will see a need and will post a request onto the Acts 435 website
  • A Donor chooses from a list of requests and makes a payment via a secure system online (this is anonymous)
  • Acts 435 transfers that money to the church’s nominated bank account
  • Advocate arranges purchase of that item for the beneficiary
  • Does not replace but will complement informal ways of helping and supporting one another across our community

What can you do?

Visit the website

Consider being a donor to requests that are made and spread the word to encourage donors.